BioSmart is now offering an essential new service:  Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

Environmental Site Assessments
Industrial Paint Engineering
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and BioGas

BioSmart is focusing on the developing non-food markets being created for BioFuels, BioGas and BioPlastics.

Environmental concerns have led to new opportunities for farmers in the production of crops that are considered viable in markets other than traditional food sources.

BioRemediation Technology

BioSmart combines the principles of organic chemistry with biology to solve complex pollution problems in an environmentally friendly and non-chemical way.

BioTechnology offers a cost-effective, natural and non-intrusive way to remediate contaminated systems.

Industry and Manufacturing

BioSmart specializes in safe alternatives for pollution control and for the reduction of contaminated waste.

Reduce or eliminate your company's environmental impact. Our unique programs offer cost savings and numerous other environmental benefits.


It's good business for developers and real estate investors to look to the future potential of remediated brownfields sites within their community.

Biosmart provides all natural in-situ brownfield remediation services with no chemicals or chemical by-products

Reduce/Eliminate Disposal Surcharges

Many surcharges associated with the disposal of the by-products and waste created in the production of food can be completely eliminated by treating the waste on site.

Biosmart's specially formulated enzymes are selectively adapted to the accelerated breakdown and removal of oily material whether of animal or vegetable origin.

Using Science to Unlock the Secrets of Nature
BioSmart Scientific Ltd. is a Canadian biotechnology company that uses naturally occurring biological systems to make toxic chemicals biodegradable at the source. We provide all-natural, environmentally friendly and cost-effective pollution solutions.